I am EXTRA hungry today! You think the videos got me excited?

Hey everyone! So, my first day of videos was successful! You know what I realized? I think I was nervous in the first video, because it was about makeup.

I am not passionate about makeup, like I am about Children or Healthy Living Blogging.

In the video with Chloe, sheesh! I could have done that for days!

See that VIDEO HERE if you missed it 🙂

Okay, so! For lunch, I had a yummy open faced sandwich!

Do you all like goat cheese?

I got this from Trader Joes! I really love goat cheese. And, I’ve heard it’s one of the very healthiest!

Ezekiel Bread Toasted


Goat Cheese




Happiness 😉

After that, I was still hungry, so I had some Almond Thins & tomato and basil hummus

After that, I was still hungry, so I had half a banana.

And then. Guess what?

I ate the other half, too! 😉

After that, I ate this too!


After I had my Nana, I went to my amazing Womens Counselor at Reality in Carpenteria. I seriously love that woman so much! I talked her ear off for over an hour, but I had so many things to tell her! I hadn’t seen her in a year! And yes, you better believe I talked about my blog! A TON!

And all of the people who support me and believe in me. Specifics, you know who you are 🙂

On my drive home, a couple hours after lunch, I had this thinkThin Crunch bar. SO good! I think it was even better, because it had been warming up in my car… I know that totally sounds gross, but I promise it was only in there for a couple hours, and it was delicious! Haha… okay, it still doesn’t sound good… just trust me!

Later, I went to pick up Griffster, and I snacked on this other thinkThin bar.

I was really hungry today. Even as I’m writing this post my stomach is growling… and I just ate dinner like 45 minutes ago… what’s up with me? Haha

Here is the inside of my thinkThin bar, just incase you girls were wondering!

Last time, I didn’t take a picture and someone asked if I would. I thought, “wow, that’s actually really silly that I don’t photograph the actual food!”

I’ll do my best to remember now 🙂

A couple hours later, I had some yummy greek yogs!

Greek Yogurt


Gluten-Free Vanilla Granola (Udi’s Brand)



Dinner came way later, like 4 hours later.

Yes, that’s a long time for me to go in between meals. I really, truly eat every 2/3 hours, almost always!

This was dinner!

Beijing Style Veggies

& tofu!

The whole bag of veggies, and the whole block of tofu

Now, I didn’t even go to the gym today, and my stomach is legitimately growling… Uhm… I think my metabolism is racing today! Maybe these videos are getting me excited! 😉

Anyways, I wish you all the happiest night! I can’t wait to be back in the morning! I swear, I think I’m goin’ for the Oatmeal again! I am already looking forward to it!

Sweet dreams loves ❤


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