The Mystery of the disappearing BOBBY PIN!

Good morning girls! Well, noon-time actually!

I hope you’re all off to a great start!

First of all, I made another video this morning! Click HERE for the link!

This morning, after I had my quiet time & coffee, and took Jordan (other boy I ‘Nanny’) to school, I went to the gym. I did a Body Works Class this morning, and absolutely loved it! I ate this yummy bar on the way there.

I was just telling Kayla that this class motivates me so much! I feel stronger every time I leave the gym, and I feel encouraged to get toned, and less worried about being “skinny.” It’s such a healthy mindset for me!

My VIDEO is all about it, in a little bit more detail! 🙂

Do you see this? Do you know what this is? Yes, that little tiny thing in the middle of the picture.


I know I am not the only girl who loses ALL of her bobby pins over a period of time.

Where the heck do they go?!

I swear, I have to buy new packs like every six months to a year of like 100 bobby pins, and the next time I go to buy more, it’s because they’re GONE!

The mystery of the disappearing Bobby Pins will never be understood….

When I walked up to my room, I had a note sitting on my laptop, with a little gift from my Mom.

“Got you this for San Diego. Love Mom” (She has pretty writing, doesn’t she? I have always thought that!)

Yes, this is an ALARM. Not just any alarm, but the LOUDEST alarm ever! Haha! So funny!

I know in my video I said I was going to go make some Oatmeal, but by the time I got downstairs, I felt like Eggs & and an English Muffin

Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin English Muff with Butter 🙂

& two over-medium eggs to go with it.

This breakfast with hold me over for a few hours, so, until then, I am wishing you all a fabulous afternoon!

Stay true to yourself, smile a ton, and do something that makes you happy today!

Love you girls! ❤



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6 responses to “The Mystery of the disappearing BOBBY PIN!

  1. This makes me laugh… I ALWAYS lose my bobby pins and hair ties all the time!! I find them in the most random places! Glad I am not the only one! : )

  2. jessi

    LOVE THAT VIDEO!!! My mom got me the same alarm thing, except for it’s actually supposed to look like a real trendy necklace….not even close! I totally agree with you too – if you just tell yourself that you’re strong it makes suuuuuch a huge difference in your workout. And don’t worry I can’t do pushups either…they’re actually way harder than they look hey?!

    • AWE! THANK YOU! Haha, an alarm for a trendy necklace… I cant even imagine! I’m so afraid to carry it around with me because I am afraid that it will go off in my purse or something! And YES! Pushups are HARD! I give big props to anyone who can do them… like, have you seen 90X? I can’t even comprehend how fast he does pushups!

  3. I know those bobby pins and hair ties/bands go missing 24/7 with me! It’s like the mystery of the disappearing sock…you know that one sock that lost its mate? Yeah, same story with the bobby pins and hair ties they go to some mysterious place! LOL!

    Great blog today, love it! Especially the part with the English muffins! I need to run out and buy some of those again soon, so yummy! ❤

    • I totally know how the sock lost it’s mate! I know that story REALLY well! I actually have a sock in my drawer right now who can’t find his partner… sad day! Haha! Yes, I am loving those english muffins! They will have to be a treat though, because they are a bit pricey!


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