The new way to eat a PB&J! What do you think?

Hello girls! Good evening!

I hope you all had a great day, and I hope you loved the VIDEO from earlier!

Did it inspire you? Make you smile? Make you laugh?

If any of the above occurred (especially smile or laugh, I am a happy girl!)

For lunch today, I had a Corrales Burrito with chicken, rice, and beans. No cheese. Super simple. And soo delicious!

Now, all of you from Ventura are so jealous right now, I know it! My Mom surprised my Dad & I this afternoon with Corrales! Ahhh it’s the BEST!

Oh, and you better believe I used both containers of hot sauce. I love their hot sauce.

After my lunch, I went to Ventura College. I had to finalize a few things because I am done there! Woohoo!

After the stop at the college, I went and got my first Healthy Hits the Spot sticker made. And yes, you better believe this is going on my car! Black Prius with a teal sticker. I think it’s going to be so cute! And I’m going to get excited every time I see it!

I would spread this blog to the whole world if I could! I can’t tell you how many wonderful girls I have connected with through blogging. You girls have the best hearts, and I love talking to you! So, that being said, thank you, to all of you who spread! Some of you even said if I made stickers for you, that you would sport them too! Obviously they would be like 1/18 of this size! Haha!

For dinner today, I sorta had breakfast! Oatmeal is a breakfast food, right? I think so… 🙂

I had Maple Oatmeal with…

Almond Milk


Almond Slivers

& Shredded Coconut

To go with it, I had…

Fresh Whole Wheat Toast with

Peanut Butter (PB)

Strawberries (&J)

Shredded Coconut

& a little bit of honey!

SAY HELLO TO THE NEW PB&J! This is such a great switch up from regular Jelly! Real Strawberries!

And, a little note to all of you!

I am so grateful, so filled with joy (I almost wrote job- WHOOPS! Haha), and sooo beyond blessed by all of you girls. I cannot express that enough! 

Oh! And I can’t forget the FAMOUS ALARM THAT MY MOM BOUGHT ME!

Haha, IF you would like to buy one, as some friends of mine legitimately did after seeing the VIDEO, you can click HERE to purchase it from for $14.99 (and no, I am not compensated for this in any way. This is totally just for fun)



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7 responses to “The new way to eat a PB&J! What do you think?

  1. Kelsey

    Your oatmeal always looks so delicious! It makes me want to have some, but mine never turns out as pretty as yours does, haha. Oh well, still yummy! And I’d totally sport a healthyhitsthespot sticker 🙂

    • You would?! You’re so awesome! Well, I am working on a logo for my blog right now! Once I get the logo worked out, I will seriously get stickers made and send them to whoever wants them! 🙂

      I always make my oatmeal a little bit soupy. Have you ever tried adding in Vanilla Almond Milk half-way through?

  2. It seems like a good idea to use natural fruit instead of jam/jelly for PB&Js! I would probably mash up the fruit or melt it a bit so it is more of a “spread”

    Oatmeal for dinner is the best sometimes. It’s weird that oatmeal has become a comfort food in the blog community!

  3. LOVE that version of the PB&J! Looks awesome!


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