Pop ALL of your popcorn kernels! No kernels left behind ;)

Okay, so I was making the kids popcorn tonight, and I just had to do a post for popping all the popcorn!

The first bag, we pushed ‘popcorn’ on the microwave.

BURNT TO A CRISP! (Why does this button exist on EVERY microwave? What if you don’t like popcorn? Haha)

This next bag, we popped it for 2.5 minutes.


So, we put the popped popcorn in the bowl, and stuck the other kernels back in the microwave, with the bag folded in half

After 1.5 minutes, all the kernels were perfectly popped!

Why didn’t I ever think of this before?!

Brady was super stoked on the idea, too 😉

This was my bowl of popcorn.

And, of course… I had another… popcorn is too good to just have one small bowl! Especially when there is a huge serving bowl of it sitting right in front of you!!!

And look who I found craddled in her stool! Hi Mer! Haha, you have to see what this looked like without the camera zoomed

This is what she looked like from where I was standing! Soooo cute & little! Ahhh! 🙂


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