How to live in a nice, tidy, clean home (wink, wink)

Good morning everyone, and Happy Sunday! I love Sundays!


First of all, after a super busy week, I get to sleep in! Yes, this is absolutely sleeping in for me.

I am a have-the-coffee-set-for-5:45am type of girl. A wake-up-at-6am & have quiet time type of girl.


Last night, as I was driving home from my babysitting job, my clock hit 12:34! 1-2-3-4!

The superstitious (not really) side of me knows I am getting lucky now 😉


Before going to bed, I stuck this sign on my door.

This is always taped to the back of my door, so that when I need to not be distrubed, I can simply stick it up.

Luckily, my parents totally respect it. It’s the nicest way to say, “Please, leave me alone!” 😉

I actually created the sign for when I was studying. It worked great while I was in school! I recommend it.


You guys wonder why I slept in so late? Who wouldn’t in this comfy mess of white sheets, a down comforter, and cozy quilt.

Not to mention the memory foam on top of my fluffy mattress. Yes, I truly believe I have the most comfortable bed. No other will suffice 😉


And yes, all of these sit on this chair while I sleep, and go back on my bed in the morning.

Mmmhmm! You’re right again! These are in addition to the other 4 pillows that I sleep with.

I like pillows! This reminds me of the pillow scene in Along Came Polly. I agree, it doesn’t make sense, but I just can’t help it!

You guys have to watch that clip! Click the link, it made my day. This is so me!

I need some pillow liberation!


Hello everyone! My name is Noah, and I have a leaf stuck to my face.

What a way to start your morning, eh? Leaf on the face…


This is how I am spending my morning.

  • Sleeping in
  • Reading blogs from my Blogroll
  • Commenting
  • Blogging to you all right now
  • Blog everything
  • I love Blog
  • Okay, and obviously, ranting about how much I love blogging

Now, I thought it would be an EXCELLENT idea, to show you guys how to live in a comfortable, clean, organized home.

We all want to live clean & comfortable, after all… don’t we?


First of all, you should have a Dad who constantly does construction: that is KEY!


Secondly, you should take ALL of the flooring out of your house


3rd, any and all flooring that you choose to leave, you should keep it clean. Nice & tidy is important!


Next, make sure you have an inviting living room. You want your guests to feel warm and welcome upon arriving.


For entertainment purposes, make sure your dining room is easily accessible.

You want to have a nice, open space to display appetizers, eat meals, and socialize with friends and family.

The dinner table is one of the nicest places to visit!


And best of all, when you’re walking around your house, taking pictures of all the put-together-ness, trip over the backdoor step, and fall into the tomato plant. I just did that, and it felt so great! 😉

Haha, let the construction continue!



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6 responses to “How to live in a nice, tidy, clean home (wink, wink)

  1. bahahahahahhahaha LOL This is hilarious and I know exactly how you feel. My husband is a do it yourself type guy and he is always making a mess of something. I just think it is even more funny that it looks like your Dad is demolishing every room of the house all at once! This reminds me of how much I do NOT want me husband to build our next house like he plans to do!

    • Haha, isn’t it amazing? Whats GREAT is that they don’t mind the mess at all! The girls are the ones saying “ew, ew!” Haha, this is why I keep my bedroom door CLOSED and tell him that if he wants to do my room, he should really wait until I move out, because I am perfect content with my POPCORN ceilings and walls that need some touching-up! Haha 😉

  2. I always catch myself looking at the clock at 12:34 too! So awesome! 🙂

  3. kayleigh

    oh my goodness i am the same way with my pillows!! i have three on my bed when i sleep and the other 5 are on my couch until i make my bed in the morning. pillows are the best. and whenever i look at the clock and it says 12:34 i can never read it as “twelve thirty four” it’s always “one two three four” and it is my favorite time!!


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