Thrifty Finds

Hello everyone! I had such a great Step II class this morning. Friday is my absolute favorite!

It’s like I get to go dance for an hour to super loud music, and an awesome instructor!


Today, I went thrift store shoppin’ and found some great little dishes.

Look at these cute little jar/mugs for $.99 each


And this bowl, which has little cozy homes for utensils to lay. Also, the little placemat was $.69 cents


All of this for $5 bucks


And, to sanitize, they are soaking in soapy water (I swear there was soap in there??? haha)


And next, after I finish my lunch (dishes) they are going to get soaked n’ steamed in this baby


For lunch today, I had more Chicken Parmesan from last night


My original craving (driving home from shopping) was to have little “open-face-sandwich pizzas”

Of course, you all have no clue what I am talking about, so you will see tonight, when I make it fo’ dinna’

(If I am still craving that)


Lunch was so good. I LOVE leftovers! Don’t you? They always (most of the time!!) have twice the flavor as the night before

I opened the fridge, saw the pasta, and my mouth started watering. It was a must



IMG_7591.jpgIMG_7593.jpg IMG_7595.jpg

It is a windy day here in Ventura!

Do you love leftovers too? Where do you find your best dishes?



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6 responses to “Thrifty Finds

  1. I love thrift stores for dishes too! I was actually planning on going to one tomorrow to scope, I need some more photogenic dishes lol

    • I found some really cute ones! I should have taken the pictures in the light šŸ˜‰ The bowl is a different color… well, whatever… they’ll be on the blog soon anyways šŸ˜‰ Good luck finding some dishes! šŸ™‚

  2. Adorable! I just bought a couple of colorful bowls at Target that were a $1.50, part of their outdoor collection. I should take a picture of them this weekend.

    Anyway, I’m with you on the left over bandwagon espeically with pasta dishes! Some thing don’t do so well left over like a hamburger and tacos LOL, but most other things do!

  3. jessi

    I LOOOOOOOVE thrift shopping for everything, but especially kitchen stuff (obviously). You can never have too many cute little bowls and jars, never!


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