This is my food blog.

So, a little background of where this blog is coming from.. Well, starting with the name: Healthy Hits the Spot- enjoying my calories… not counting them. This title came from my own weight-loss experience. I find that the most enjoyable way for me to be healthy, is to not be hard on myself, and allow myself to enjoy everything about living well. The only way for me to achieve this, is through balance and moderation.

So yes, I will post plenty of healthy things, because I eat plenty of healthy things. But there will also be things that may not be considered so healthy. But, that’s okay! I try and pick healthier choices whenever I can, but if I feel like, lets say a burrito, or a piece of pie, then I go for it. I don’t jump in and eat the whole pie, I just simply cut a slice, and enjoy it. Then, my very next meal, I eat something healthy. I don’t freak out and beat myself up, skip dinner, and say “okay, I’ll be better tomorrow!” I just enjoy my food, and keep going.

Trust me friends, I wouldn’t be saying this unless I had gone through all the ups & downs myself.. I have been through a ton of struggles with food, I just finally found a balance that works for me.

Please, feel free to find all the inspiration you can get from this blog. Other than all the food postings, I will also create some additional fun by posting random things in my life. It is all about having fun after all, right? ☺

Love to you all! Happy Blogging ♡

(A little note: All photos have been taken by me, unless there is an outside source listed or it has been re-blogged)



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