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Brunch in LA with my Sister

Okay, so for the rest of the day!

This morning after breakfast (and picking up the camera cord!!) I headed out to LA to meet my Sister


We went out for brunch at a little place called Nata’s

I give them a 4 out of 5, because the service wasn’t so great (this time).

The service could have actually earned them a 3, but Jinna said that they never have service like that normally

Plus, the food was so good, I wish I could give them a 5!


Luckily, Jinna is like me, and likes to split!

I love splitting, because then you get the best of both worlds plates!

To split, we got-

  • An Omelet with spinach, artichoke hearts, and feta
  • Rosemary potatoes on the side (so great with hot sauce!!)
  • Crepes with whipped cream & strawberries


These were the best of the best, crepes!

Usually, crepes just taste like a thinner pancake, or a sister to french toast. Nope, not these! These tasted like crepes. I feel like although I’ve had crepes before, this was my first experience! It tasted like nothing I’ve ever tried.

Jinna and I had such a good time. It was so nice to be able to sit and chat with my Sis. Thank you Seester!

After brunch, Jinna shared a some awesome sites with me. Here are a couple:


On my way home from my great morning with Jinna, I stopped to visit my best friend.

She lives 45-60 minutes from me, so of course I would stop if I was passing through!

Look at little Evan’s (her brother) feetsies! Ahhh, so cute! (And no, I don’t have a foot fetish!!)

IMG_6806.jpg IMG_6808.jpg

I texted Kayla on my way there, and told her that I could “see, taste, and smell coffee in the near future.”

She was sweet enough to make a pot, which I enjoyed with this coconut cream pie LARABAR. Yes, you heard me right. The whole pot. All 6 cups of it.

IMG_6816.jpg IMG_6818.jpg

Before I left, she made me a little treat that she had texted me the night before!

I had to try it! I swear, she comes up with the best things. You can see more of her ideas here.

This one was-

  • Little pieces of dark chocolate
  • A layer of peanut butter
  • A small piece of banana bread LARABAR
  • (We both agreed that this would be great with regular banana too)

IMG_6821.jpg IMG_6822.jpg

When I got home, I was starving hungry. I snacked on some almond nut thins while I made my sandwich/salad

I usually don’t snack while making food, because it’s kind of mindless, and you never pay attention to what you’re eating… but I couldn’t help myself. The nut thins were a necessity for my starving belly!

I made a delicious salad & sandwich, which both included the goat cheese picture above.

I bought this goat cheese from Trader Joes. It crumbles perfectly when pulled apart with a fork!

IMG_6824.jpg IMG_6834.jpg

My sandwich had-

  • Toasted Ezekiel Bread
  • Mustard
  • Tomatoes
  • Turkey
  • Spring Mix Lettuce
  • Smear of Goat Cheese


The Salad had-

  • Spring Mix
  • Goat Cheese
  • Pepitas
  • A tablespoon or so of Italian Dressing

This was the perfect little meal, and just what I needed!

I am babysitting tonight, and I brought a lunch pail full of healthy things, just in case I get hungry

Babysitting is my biggest weakness when it comes to paying attention to what I am putting in my mouth.

There is always new, tempting foods in front of me, and for some reason when I am just around kids, it is so much easier to indulge, and maybe even binge! To avoid that, I bring plenty of my own healthy snacks. I never really eat them all, but just knowing that I have plenty available to me if I want it, helps take away those cravings. I highly recommend this for all of you babysitters. Many of you have shared that you experience similar habits while babysitting.

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Day in the Valley with my best friend ♥

Good afternoon, and happy Sunday! So, before I catch up on today, I need to catch you all up on yestaaaday!

Yesterday was a very good day, thanks to my best friend. Ah, I am so thankful for her!

Okay, first off, I started my day by climbing out of bed, getting my journal & coffee, and spending some quiet time waking up. It was so nice… this is my favorite way to wake up, but if I’m not up early enough, it just doesn’t happen. That’s gotta change, or the gym early in the morning is getting kicked (sorry Dad!) 😛

After my quick time, I made some Oatmeal

Old Fashioned Oats


Almond Milk

& Granola, please.

And you’ll never see me eating breakfast without Coffee, till the day I die.

And yes, I am convinced, I would die without Coffee 😉

After breakfast, I got ready & packed, and took off for Miss Kaylas house!

I got there several hours after breakfast, and we made this yummy lunch. We were feelin’ like BBQ Sauce!

Tempeh/Tofu, BBQ Sauce, and a little lite cheese, on a honey wheat bun-bun. It’s a bun-bun because there’s a top & a bottom, and I’m known for open-facers. You will have to excuse me, I am ranting with all of these made up wordie-loo’s today. Okay, I’m stopping. Seriously 😛

On the side we each had a piece of Kayla’s “fried-chicken,” and two & one-half potstickers. Jum-jum-jum! (Apparently, I’m not stopping with the word thing)

After lunch, Kayla and I went to Ventura Blvd. and went shopping at the TJ-Maxxazing. Maxxazing, because this was the best EVER. I got new Paige Aqua Denim, two adorable shirts, two cute belts, new nail polish, annnd new cute wedges! Pics later? Okay, I will 😉

After hours of shopping, we went to dinner. Yes, we shopped for that many hours 😉

We went to this adorable little Vegan/Vegetarian place called “Follow Your Heart.”

We split a meal, because we always do. We always talk about how we both love to split, but no one ever wants to split! Haha, good thing we did because we didn’t even finish what we split! Thankfully! Because it made the best leftovers today!

Anyways, our appetizers included a breadstick, each

Split the picture bowl of jummy-jummy broccoli cream soup (which was made fresh from their produce hours before!)

Andddd…. drumroll pleaaaase….

Spjflajfieajfioeajfasdjlk. Yes, that translates into spanakopita 🙂

It’s a super delicious phyllo pie made with spinach, ricotta cheese, and feta cheese

After that, we went back her house and hungout for a while. We later went to Target, and got AMAZING new makeup from Garnier. Like, I’m in love, and taking back my makeup forever, which doesn’t work for me at all! And yes, I’ll post the makeup I bought as well! I will do all of that this evening 🙂

After Targs… we went to Yogurtland! Yum! Love fro-yo. This is just our thing, pretty much every time we hangout 🙂

Mango Tart & Original Tart

Strawberries & Blackberries

Granola & Shredded Coconut

Yogurt Chips


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Why I am vowing to never touch a diet again

Good evening everyone!

I have had a lot on my mind today, and I have got to be honest with you all. Though this is hard for me to admit, I am not where I was when I started this blog, in terms of having a healthy relationship with food.

When I started the blog, I wanted to show you girls what it was like to live a healthy life,FREE from the bondage of dieting and counting calories. I was at such a healthy place in my life, not only because I ate healthy, but because I allowed myself ALL the foods that I loved, in moderation. I didn’t restrict myself from any food, and I didn’t follow a single diet. All I did was wake up in the morning, listen to my body through the entire day, eat only what I was craving, and I ate when I was hungry- not when someone else told me I should eat.

It turned out that I learned a whole lot about myself through doing that. I learned that I like to eat lots of small things throughout the day, I don’t like having a super full feeling tummy, I love to exercise when it’s fun, my body requires a good amount of sleep each night, I do so much better when I’m not dieting, and that it is truly, truly, truly the inside that matters, and that the only thing that fully helped me recover, was learning to love myself no matter what my body looked like on the outside. Turns out- this made me feel more beautiful! Who woulda thought?! 😛

When I first started my blog, about a year ago, I described it like this:

“I find that the most enjoyable way for me to be healthy, is to not be hard on myself, and allow myself to enjoy everything about living well. The only way for me to achieve this, is through balance and moderation. So yes, I will post plenty of healthy things, because I eat plenty of healthy things. But there will also be things that may not be considered so healthy. But, that’s okay! I try and pick healthier choices whenever I can, but if I feel like, lets say a burrito, or a piece of pie, then I go for it. I don’t jump in and eat the whole pie, I just simply cut a slice, and enjoy it. Then, my very next meal, I eat something healthy. I don’t freak out and beat myself up, skip dinner, and say “okay, I’ll be better tomorrow!” I just enjoy my food, and keep going. Trust me friends, I wouldn’t be saying this unless I had gone through all the ups & downs myself.. I have been through a ton of struggles with food, I just finally found a balance that works for me.”

At this point, I was at peace with my food, proud of my achievements, and moving forward. I didn’t start this blog to go on another diet, I didn’t want to show the world how to get skinny and in shape, I started it to share my story with girls who could relate to me, and who wanted to finally have peace with their relationship to food, because boy, it can be a real battle out there.

Lately, I have not been the best at portraying that (and I am sorry), because I have not been living up to that calm, healthy mindset. I would say the past 6 months, I have slowly started to fall back into wanting to lose weight, dieting, and losing a connection with myself. The truth is, I always feel like I need to be in control of something in my life, and dieting is one thing that I can fully control. I am starting to believe that’s why I resort to it so often. But the real truth, is that my identity, and your identity, is not found by what the scale told you this morning, or how well you did on your ‘diet’ yesterday. Your identity is the person that you are, regardless of your weight. You are fully loved no matter what you weigh, and you are beautiful, because you were created beautifully.

We are all different, and we all have different goals. Some want to gain weight, some want to lose, and some want to maintain. Some do well with diets, some don’t. Some like to eat three bigger meals a day, some like to have 5/6 small meals. The point is, everyone is different, and needs to find what works for them. I know what works for me, and what I do, may not work for you. All I want to do, is inspire you to be the “you’est you that you can be,” and be fully proud of that!

I took the whole day today to listen to my body 100%, eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, and in whatever portions I wanted. By allowing myself all of these things, I felt more able to choose healthy foods (because in having freedom to choose, they sounded better), eat slower, leave some food in my plate to save for later, and by doing this, I felt so much happier because I was enjoying everything a million times more!

I am going to continue this, everyday for a week at a time, taking small steps back to the healthy me that I was a year ago (and still am underneath). After just one day, I am feeling so much better, but I know for these things to really stick, they take time. Diet is now a four letter word in my vocab (thank you Kayla), and I am making a promise to myself that it will stay that way.

I know one thing is for sure, I don’t want to look back on my life in 60 years and finallyrealize that I wasted all that time stressing over my body and what was going in my mouth. I want  to look back on life and know that I treated myself to the best of my ability, and appreciated who I was.

So, here is to being healthy, listening to our bodies, and getting back to the basics and jewels of this blog- the whole reason I started it in the first place!

Breakfast- I woke up this morning wanting something cold in my tummy. It was either going to be cereal or yogurt.

I resorted to the yogurt because all the toppings sounded so good! I put one banana, flaxseed, and agave on top.

I get this Greek Yogurt from Costco 🙂

For lunch today, I drove to the Valley to have lunch with my best friend Kayla 🙂

We went to the Whole Foods on Ventura Blvd. It. was. beautiful! We already have an obsession with Whole Foods, so Kayla wanted to show me her favorite one. It was so nice!

For lunch, we got the salad bar because you get a deal on Wednesday 🙂 I filled mine up with all kinds of delicious things! I even tried a falafel for the first time! It was good, but better all heated up when I got home. I ate about half at lunch, and the rest later this evening.

We had to snap a quick picture before I took off.

I love you K. You’re the best! Thanks for allowing me to talk your ear off today! Haha, you’re the best listener and talker I’ve ever met! She even encouraged me to be very honestly with all y’all 😉

When I got home a couple hours later, I had a piece of Cinnamon Raison Ezekiel Bread that Kayla sent home with me. I topped it with a little bit of Peanut Butter. This Bread was great! I will most definitely be buying some when I go to Trader Joe’s next!

When I got to my babysitting job tonight, I had one chocolate covered strawberry that my Mom made 🙂 This was my dessert/petite treat tonight.

Yea, remember when I used to have a petite treat every night? I miss that, too! Let’s get back to it! 😉

A short while after that, I had my last meal of the day. Oatmeal!

Without exaggeration, this might just be the best bowl of Oatmeal I have ever had!! Ahhh, so good! And I ate it super slow so that I could fully enjoy it. I SURE DID!

It had one pack of Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal from TJ’s, one banana all chopped up, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup water (these were all heated in the pot), then it was topped with about 1 tsp. of white chocolate morsels, and some walnuts & shredded coconut. Oh my oh my oh my oh! So good! I seriously recommend the white chocolate chips! When they melt, they are to die for!


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I stole someones Coffee! ;)

Good morning everyone! So, before I do my breakfast post, I want to catch you up on my eats from last night!

I went with Kurt to Buca Di Beppo to his families Christmas Party for their restaurant, Go Fish. As you all know, there was tons of pizza, pasta, and bread floating around the whole night- it looked and smelled amazing, but I stuck to the salad, and enjoyed myself some fine wine! The salad was actually super good, and I enjoyed the company!

At the dinner, we had a gift exchange, and I got this gift! Sorry Todd, I totally stole this from you! Haha, everyone knew I was going to take this too! Of course! It’s coffee! The coolest thing is that the coffee in the back (green and yellow) is from China! Can’t wait to try this 🙂

After dinner we stopped by Whole Foods in Thousand Oaks because I don’t have one near my house. I got this LARA BAR, plus a handful of other flavors to try so I could fill you guys in! I got lots of gluten-free things and will be posting about them 🙂

For my Petite Treat, I had 1/2 cup of non-fat sugar free chocolate pudding with a little bit of whipped cream and gluten-free granola! Mmm-mmm good! The granola was Udi’s Brand. I will post a picture when I can get better lighting- the lighting was awful last night! Haha

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My two boys :)

Good evening friends! Hope you have all had a great day, and have been blessed with tons of smiles 🙂

Today for lunch, I had gluten-free toast with peanut butter & banana (like the peek-a-boo boy in the background?)

Yep, that’s Griffin for ya! 😉

I also had fresh berries & a few frozen mangos on the side. So good!

Everyone, meet Kurt! The secret guy that I have been referring to. He is pretty darn great 🙂 Griffin sure loves him, too! They get along great!

After Griff saw me eating my sandwich, he wanted one, so I made it for him 🙂

At first, I didn’t put a top piece of bread, until I realized that most people eat the top piece… When I asked him he was shocked that I didn’t eat two pieces… so I went ahead and gave his sandwich a “lid” 😉

After we finished homework, we went out for frozen yogurt. Me, Kurt, Angela, and Griffin

Here is Griff & I!

And here we are again, enjoying our fro-yo!

I just got a small amount tonight, because I was going to be eating again soon. I got peanut butter fro-yo, with just a little spoonful of granola/peanuts. Perfect 🙂


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My lunch with Momma & my favorite little girl!

Lunch with my SWEET SWEET Chloe & Momma at Aloha Steakhouse thanks to ourGnarlyBuys deal! Love those things!

We had soo much fun today. We laughed our butts off!

As you can see! 😉 Oh, and my hair is not that white… haha, that’s most definitely my camera!

Appetizer: sautéed mushrooms

Lunch: salmon, broccoli, and a house salad with balsamic

The food was delicious

And it was such a deal! Aloha Steakhouse has a lunch special where you get a meal, just like this one, plus a drink (soda, coffee, tea) for $9.95. Um… hello?! That’s amazing!

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Day 23: The perfect cup of coffee to kick off Fall!

Wow! It’s been WAY too long! So sorry that I’ve been so MIA. Three days have passed, and I’ve been so busy, I haven’t even noticed! I’ve got to catch you guys up! More than focusing on food though, I’m going to focus on life! I’ll put what I ate at the bottom of each post in case you’re just dying to know that too! This weekend has just been a blast!

Friday morning I woke up @ 5:30 and went to pick up my friend James

We drove to SB to get coffee and look at the coast while it was still dark outside. This is how I wanted to celebrate the FIRST DAY OF FALL! 🙂

The coffee shop we went to was so cozy and cute! It is called French Press

I got a soy cappuccino and he got a Vanilla Latte. So yummy! They had GREAT coffee! Highly recommend this place if you live, or are ever in SB!

When we got back to Ventura we were both starved so we pulled over to a little place called The Cottage on Main and grabbed these parfaits. They were so good! The girl accidently put granola on mine, but I wasn’t going to fuss. I simply took it off and enjoyed my parfait.

After that we drove down to the beach as it was raining and hung out and talked for a little, until I convinced James to run with me to Target so I could buy a new camera. That was a success, and I am loving my little camera!

A couple hours after we split I met my friend Aubrey for lunch at Urbane Cafe. The place I used to work! It’s always so good, and the soup tasted perfect for a cloudy/dewy day!

Later, I picked up Megan and Griffin to take them to a hair appointment. I must say, those boys were quite hyper and entertaining the whole time. I had fun.

Here is Griffster getting all styled up!

To distract them while Megan’s hair was being styled, I took them down the street to in-n-out. Can anyone think of a better distraction? I don’t think so! These boys were in heaven!

Later that evening, I watching my sweet Chloe girl and we walked to the grocery store and all around the neighborhood to get some exercise and get outside! She was SO happy on Friday night. I had the best time with her. This is typical by the way… ONE shoe must always be off while walking. It’s just a rule of hers…

Todays Daily Eats:

Coffee, Cappuccino, Yogurt + small Chai Latte, Artichoke Soup & Salad, Mango Lassi Drink, Egg Whites, and Quinoa w. Soybeans for dinner

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DAY 15: My first real Indian food experience had me “cheating” a little

Hello friends! Wow, these past two days have been BUSY! With my Dad’s Birthday on Thursday, and everything going on with school today I haven’t even had a chance to get on!

Yesterday morning I had my usual probiotic smoothie for breakfast, then I went to school until 3

At school I ate this. Lunch consisted of 1 small green apple (sliced), yogurt & honey, and pecan LARABAR. Okay, so this was SO simple, but SO GOOD! I actually forgot to take a spoon, so I was forced to dip my apples in the yogurt. Turns out- it’s my new favorite thing! The yogurt and the honey had sat together for a little while, and turned SO extra good! The apple dipped in it was amazing! YOU MUST DO THIS!

Later in the evening around 5, I had this small snack of cottage cheese and pineapples. Another favorite of mine right now. At about 6 we left to Van Nuys to meet my brother and his wife for my Dads Birthday Dinner, and we ate dinner at about 8:30. Good thing I had that snack!

Here is me & the Birthday boy (who was convinced that it was everyones Birthday, haha). We had such a great time!

Wait… is that grain…? Well… YES! It is! Now don’t freak out, it’s okay… I had a piece of grain last night at dinner, because it was my first real Indian Food experience, and I was not going to miss out on this little taste of something. That would have messed up my mindset more than staying on the diet would have helped! Haha. I had one small piece and skipped the rice and bread (because clearly I’ve had rice and bread before).

On the cracker we put these delicious sauces. Some were fruity, some were minty, and the other was pickled carrots and jalapenos. SO good! I was seriously impressed!

With dinner I had this yogurty-mango drink. It was soo good, and perfect to eat with the spicy Indian food! It cooled you right off!

This was my dinner plate, I sampled a bit of each of the curries. Every single one was outstanding!

And guess what else I did to celebrate with my Dad? I ate sugar! I’m such a bad, girl… I know 😉 I did not stop my diet or anything, nor was I freaking out that I ate sugar. I had one VERY little piece, because it was my Dads Birthday, and I wasn’t going to get this experience back again. I am still on my diet, and probably won’t go off it again (I didn’t need to last time), but last night I wanted to enjoy my first Indian Food experience, and I sure did 🙂

The people at the Indian food place were SO GREAT and they even gave us VIP cards so that we could get 15% off EVERY time we go there- which means I will definitely be returning! If you live in LA, please try Anarbagh!

I hope you guys enjoy the post! You’ll have to write me and let me know your thoughts on Indian food! I was sooo pleased! I could see it easily becoming a favorite of mine!


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Weekend with my Kayla!

Good evening nightime! It’s been a long, WONDERFUL night & a day! Ah, how I love my best friend. I needed my Kayla soo much. I feel refreshed every time after we hangout. It’s absolutely the best 🙂

Last night, to start off my stay I got to hangout with her little brother, Evan! We played so much, and had such a great time. He’s growing so much!

What a cutie, right?!

After we played with Evan, we went to Yogurtland and got yummy yummy yogurt! I got pistachio, coconut, and some berry tart with: blackberries, blueberries, mango, strawberries, mochi, and coconut. The cherry was just to make the picture cute, haha. I don’t like those kind of fakey cherries.

Perfect fit for the night! I know… I’m a cheeseball- I’ve been told before 😉

After yogurt we went back to Kayla’s and totally relaxed in our PJ’s and talked before bed. It was so nice after such a long week 🙂

This morning when we woke up at 6:40 (I’m an early-bird) we sat outside on the porch and had our usual “coffee talk” for about an hour and then got ready for the day. By the time we were ready to go, we were both starving so we split this Vanilla Almond Luna Bar. We didn’t want to ruin our appetites! The Luna Bar was perfect and I’m super glad we ate it or else I would have been wearin’ my hangry pants 😉

We ate at Aroma! It was sooooo good! Like, I still cannot get over it!

First of all, it was SO hot down in the Valley, so these waters were ridiculously refreshing to have right when we got there.

When our food came, we were both freaking out in excitement. I think I have a new favorite place when I go down there!

We got the brie + apple panini. It had brie cheese, granny smith apples, caramelized onions, and was all melted in between toasted focaccia bread. Simply delicious.

The most amazing part though… was the GARLIC FRENCH FRIES! They had rosemary, thyme, and lots of fresh garlic. They WERE 100% hands down the best fries I’ve ever had.

We obviously hated it….. 😉

Here’s me! We’re walking around looking at the all the cute little botiques until….

It happened! My sandal broke on THIS crack! This TINY little crack! Haha, it was sooo funny. Kayla & I were dying laughing.

Haha, I was walking “one-shoed” back to the car after this!

I love my best friend so much!

Here I am RUNNING across the fire hot pavement. Haha, it was like lava rocks! Over 100 degrees on my feeties!

Here we are driving home- about to say goodbye! We had the best time. The day was so full of so many fun things and so many laughs. We both needed it so much, too!

Already miss you, Kayla! Love you!

A few hours after I got home I was hungry again so I made dinner.  I had another piece of my Dad’s pizza, and my favorite daily salad lately! Spring mix, feta cheese, and mandarin oranges with olive oil & balsamic! Mmm mmm good! I literally crave it every single day.

After this I still wanted just a little bit more so I had a piece of fresh focaccia bread that my parents just bought, and olive oil & vinegar!

This was soo good! I got the bread super warm and toasty first! Do you guys like Macaroni Grill’s bread and olive oil? Well, this was it’s twin! Yum!

After dinner I went to the gym and worked out for just over an hour, until I came home and studied for about 2+ hours.

Now, I’m falling asleep on my computer, ready to hit the sheets! So, with that being said, goodnight everyone! Love to you all, sleep tight!


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The Most Perfect, FUN Wedding!

Hello everyone! How was your weekend?! Hopefully wonderful! Mine has been so much fun, and I know I have been so MIA! I was in San Juan Capistrano all weekend for my BEAUTIFUL cousin Amelia’s wedding! It was the nicest wedding I have ever been to- WOW!

Well, here’s the documentation of pictures from Saturday-Sunday that I would love to share with you! ENJOY! 🙂

Yesterday’s breakfast! I wanted something that would hold me over for a while!

Bran flakes, raisins, and slivered almonds with 2% milk. I got my fiber, my fruity sweetness, and my protein! It was the perfect balance!

On the drive down, about 6 hours after breakfast we were all STRAVING and would have eaten just about anything! We stopped at a Carl’s Junior off the road and I grabbed the healthiest thing I could find.

A turkey burger! This was actually okay for fast food. I took off all the sauce, which made this meal about 400 calories total. Not too bad!

Now let’s get back to being classy 😉 When we arrived at the hotel there was a whole wedding-guest gift waiting for us! Woohoo! I popped that wine right away!

Here’s me right before we left to the wedding! Already excited for the night to come!

Congratulations Amelia & John!

You may now kiss your bride! Mr. and Mrs. Owens!

The reception was absolutely beautiful!

First thing when we got there was cocktail time! Everyone went to the OPEN bar first, and then had dinner! Margarita margarita margarita!

My cousin Ali & I! Ah! I was so happy to see her! I hadn’t seen her in 2 years! We used to see each other like every weekend!

My cousin Megan and I! My partner in crime, all night! We had SO much fun together! BOSTON!

Me & my parents! Love you two!

Amelia & John Owens! What a beautiful bride and handsome groom!!!!

Dinner time! On the menu:

First Course: fresh chopped salad with cranberries, golden beets, bermuda onion, pine nuts, and gorgonzola with caper cilantro vinaigrette & creamy tomato soup

Main Entree: boneless breast of chicken stuffed with mascarpone cheese & spinach on a bed of light champagne cream sauce & sautéed fresh seasoned vegetables AND top sirloin paired with a caramelized onion and balsamic reduction macaroni and cheese with gorgonzola, asiago, and cream sauce

Dessert: wedding cake (which I did not have because I couldn’t even finish my dinner- oops!)

The food was INCREDIBLE!!

And a nice little surprise with dinner 😉 A rose from Austin! Soo pretty! I saved it, just like he told me to!

Dancing with Austin & his beautiful mom!

This was the in-n-out truck at midnight at the AFTER PARTY! By this time we were reallly having a good time! Megan and I got burgers (I split one with my mom) and diet cokes to go. The funny thing is the diet coke ended up in my lap instead of my stomach! Haha- it was just about the funniest thing ever! A special thank you to Megan! 😉

Ali & I having wayy too much fun!

Amelia & her mom dancing! So cute! 🙂

The wedding was soo beautiful. Everything went perfectly, and everyone had suuuch a great time. It was so special, and I am so happy for you Amelia & John! Best wishes- you guys are a beautiful couple!!


This morning we went over to the Stampers (brides parents) house and had brunch. It was so good, and so much fun to see everyone again and talk about all the funny stories from the wedding!

I think Megan and I had the most fun telling stories! Haha! “That was just about the freightest train I have ever seen!” -Megan, referring to a really long train that we thought was going through the parking lot! Haha 😀

Look at my sweet baby boy smiling! I love you Kingston!

Austin and I enjoying our mimosas and laughing over the night before

The best french toast casserole that has ever been made! I split this piece with my mom. We were in heaven!

Were definitely going to learn how to make this! SO GOOD!

Anyways, now I’m home and about to go to the College to find my classes! I want to be prepared in the morning when I start back to school! Crazy that summer is over! Can’t believe it! Hope you guys have a great evening! I’ll see you back here a little bit later! 🙂


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