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“Mexican Pizza”

So you all know what this candy is, right? Good, because I can’t remember the name 😉


I got this Chocolate around Christmas, and I still have some left…. I don’t know if I have ever taken that long to enjoy something? I guess that’s a great thing! It is a box of 16 with a few left, plus I have shared. Wow! Talk about savoring 😉

Anyhow, I had one today as my treat 🙂


Now for the “Mexican Pizza!” You all know what I am talking about, from Taco Bell… hehe… that is what this reminded me of, but gourmet!


How to:

  • Set conventional oven to 400f
  • In pan, heat up chicken (pre-cooked) and black beans
  • Spray your two corn tortillas with olive oil spray, and let them warm in the oven while you wait
  • Get out parchment paper (or foil), stick your tortillas on top, and layer on your toppings

    • My toppings:

      • Spinach
      • Tomato slices (or diced)
      • Chicken
      • Black Beans
      • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Stick in the conventional oven using a metal sheet (something so they don’t fall apart)
  • Bake for about 10 minutes

IMG_7607.jpg IMG_7609.jpg

They come out perfectly golden brown and toasty on the edges. This is soo good.

IMG_7612.jpg IMG_7614.jpg IMG_7619.jpg

I enjoyed these soo much, and they felt soo healthy. They don’t even take sauce, and they are full of flavor

IMG_7623.jpg IMG_7624.jpg

One thing I recommend: I added spinach because I wanted to “hide” some veggies in there. If you are not really a spinach person, this is probably not the place to hide the spinach, unless you put very little, because you can taste it. I can definitely see the spinach being overpowering if you use too much. Next time, I am going to leave it out. I love spin, but I think it would go better with a “Greek Pizza” just like this, which artichoke hearts & feta, etc… Mmmm… idea? 🙂

I hope you are all having a great day! I have just been working on stuff & babysitting today.

I am feelin’ the urge to workout again, so I may go take another class tonight at 5:45: I love Body Works!

As for now, I am sippin my Vanilla VIA Coffee, and fully relaxing!



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Thrifty Finds

Hello everyone! I had such a great Step II class this morning. Friday is my absolute favorite!

It’s like I get to go dance for an hour to super loud music, and an awesome instructor!


Today, I went thrift store shoppin’ and found some great little dishes.

Look at these cute little jar/mugs for $.99 each


And this bowl, which has little cozy homes for utensils to lay. Also, the little placemat was $.69 cents


All of this for $5 bucks


And, to sanitize, they are soaking in soapy water (I swear there was soap in there??? haha)


And next, after I finish my lunch (dishes) they are going to get soaked n’ steamed in this baby


For lunch today, I had more Chicken Parmesan from last night


My original craving (driving home from shopping) was to have little “open-face-sandwich pizzas”

Of course, you all have no clue what I am talking about, so you will see tonight, when I make it fo’ dinna’

(If I am still craving that)


Lunch was so good. I LOVE leftovers! Don’t you? They always (most of the time!!) have twice the flavor as the night before

I opened the fridge, saw the pasta, and my mouth started watering. It was a must



IMG_7591.jpgIMG_7593.jpg IMG_7595.jpg

It is a windy day here in Ventura!

Do you love leftovers too? Where do you find your best dishes?


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Inspired Pizza Wrap

Hello everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the cookie recipe! Anyone going to make it?


Today on my way downtown, I snacked on this LARABAR. If I had to pick a top 3, it would be lemon, coconut, and peanut butter cookie (the peanut butter cookie is such a go-to)


When I got downtown, I shopped around with my friend Aubrey. We were gift shopping for someone special this weekend 🙂


While out, I found this adorable cup! This is so me! I wanted to buy it so badly, but it was $16 for one mug… pricey? Maybe a gift to myself? I am trying so hard to save all of my money right now, and so far, so good! But I do love a great coffee mug… ahhh!


I found the gift! Look at the adorable wrapping! And this cute little flag that I got to go inside


After some shopping, we stopped to buy Chai’s at Palermo downtown Ventura. Aubrey was sweet enough to treat me! Thanks Aubs! 🙂


Look how beautiful the water looked! I took another quick snap shot off the freeway (sorry!!)… At least I was still looking, I was not looking at my camera haha, that’s why there is a tree in the middle of the photo 😉

8-2.jpg 9-2.jpg

When I came home, I had 1/2 a cookie. I knew I was going to want some later, so I thought instead of eating like 3 really fast, I would really slowly eat 1, and fully enjoy it. Let me tell ya’ it is much more enjoyable that way! Slow & steady, slow & steady 😉

10-2.jpg 11-2.jpg

For lunch, I had a delicious pizza wrap inspired by Undressed Skeletons post this morning


Mine included:

  • ezekiel tortilla
  • marinara sauce
  • turkey
  • tomato slices
  • artichoke hearts
  • spinach
  • goat cheese

Mmm-mmm! I am glad I ran across that post this morning!

The only thing that would have made this even better would have been if it had a little bit of melted mozzarella through it. I am definitely a girl who likes “warm” foods & drinks, and that just sounds like heaven!


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Artichoke, Pesto, and Turkey Melt

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you’re having a great day! HAPPY LEAP YEAR!

Did you know you can do WHATEVER you want today? Most years, you don’t even get this day! Think about that!

Today is “Way Back WHENsday” on my blog. Clever, right? Haha, if anyone googles this, and find out if someone came up with this before me, please don’t tell me! I am feeling really creative right now 😉

Todays post for Way Back WHENsday (every Wednesday I will link to an old post that has a good recipe, or was just a good day that I’d like to ‘bring back’) is “An Extra Healthy Pancake!” Can you believe this was right when I started at WordPress? It’s so crazy to think about how far this blog has come! (I have an original, much older blog at tumblr)


Today for a snack, I had one hard boiled egg with sea-salt & pepper, and one pure bar


Have you ever had a Pure bar? They are just like LARABARS, but have a few more ingredients. So far, I am still LARABAR > all else, but this flavor is a great switch up! Chocolate Brownie Bar. Pretty good! 🙂


Around about 11:30, my Mom and I went for a walk at the park. She made us Mochas to-go

4.jpg 5.jpg

We went to the local park in Ventura, and walked 2 miles. It’s a great park to walk at!


Cheers to walking with mochas!


Look how beautiful it is today!


Hellloooo! Did you know that you’re glowing after you walk? Especially when you’re sitting right in the sun 😉


My lunch today was sooo amazing, and so simple!



  • One piece ezekiel
  • smear of pesto
  • 3 thin slices turkey
  • 4 pieces artichoke hearts
  • one slice havarti cheese covering the top


On the side, I had a salad with spring mix, spinach, tomato, and feta cheese, dressed in italian dressing

Oh my GOODness! The sandwich was so freaking (so freaking!!) good! The flavors together were so perfect. The taste of the pesto and artichoke together, with the melty-ness of the cheese and turkey… ahhhh, YES! You must try this one.

Now I am off to pack for San Diego! I am going there for the day tomorrow to visit my friends Kelsey & Beau (thank you Beau for being a HUGE help with my blog- I can’t thank you enough!!), and am leaving early in the morning! Got to get everything together since I work from 3-10 tonight.

What snacks do you take when you go on road trips?


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Boredom Munchies

Look how beautiful it was today! Blue sky’s here in Sunny Ventura, Ca


Okay, I know what you’re all thinking, “Paige, you’re not a weather woman, stop acting like it.”

Or, you may be thinking “wait, is this a freeway off-ramp? Is she driving and taking pictures?”

What??? It’s not a cell phone….. 😉

I had to document this picture, because it is literally the first time I have remembered to get off at this exit since I started babysitting on Tuesdays (maybe 2 months now??). For some reason, every time I am driving to my Tuesday job, my brain gets going and going and I always pass the exit. It needed to be documented!


I had to show you all this cute jewelry box that Harper made. This is one to “Pin!”

It’s a shoe box, painted with pretty colors, and decorated with beads. You can’t see the bottom, but all four corners have wooden beads as well so that it is lifted. Mom’s (Dad’s??) if you want something to do for craft time with your little one, get the shoeboxes out! I’m sure you can come up with something cute cool for little boys too! Car box? Card box?


While I was babysitting, I had a small snack with prunes + hummus and a few falafel chips.


These falafel chips are from Trader Joes, and they are SO good! They are pretty pricey for chips ($3.99 for this 8oz bag? I think?) but for a treat, they are so great! And healthy (for chips!!)

5.jpg 6.jpg

And a few prunes on the side. I really love prunes! We never have them at my house, so I like to grab just a couple when I babysit. I should really buy some!

7.jpg 8.jpg

About an hour or so later, I had the yogurt that I brought from home.

  • 1/2 cup non-fat greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • 2 tbsp. granola
  • good amount of berries
  • lemon zest for a fresh, tasty flavor

This yogurt was, GREAT!


A couple hours later when I got home, I was surprised with Corrales that was patiently waiting for me in the fridge! Again?! I could NOT pass it up. So amazing!

I split this burrito with my Mom, and oh boy was my tummy happy (I was pretty happy too ;)).


Last, but definitely not least, I had my blueberry muffin LARABAR. I love LARABAR. Love. Did I say love?

I ate all my food pretty early, and I am tempted to eat more now, even though I am not hungry, just out of boredom (please tell me I’m not the only one who experiences this at night??) Instead of eating an (un!!)necessary meal, I’m going to get my overnight oats ready (I think cooking is really what I feel like doing), I am going to drink some tea, and do some researching about school/etc. that I have been needing to get done. I am looking up classes/schools to be a registered dietitian! What do you all think? 🙂

I leave you with two questions:

Do you get “boredom munchies” at night?


Are you going to prepare your Overnight Oats tonight? What are you putting in them?


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The Healthier Egg Salad SUCCESS!

This morning, I went to the gym for a Body Works Class, and got my booty kicked! I’m going to be sore tomorrow!

When I came home, I relaxed a little, had some coffee (re-hydrated, haha), blogged around, and then made some lunch

It worked! It worked! It worked!


Yesterday, I had a pretty much fail of an egg salad recipe, when I tried to leave out the mayo


Today, I was determined to give it another shot, using different ingredients, and oh my gosh! It was sooo good!


First, I concocted a little sauce for the eggs, in place of mayo:

  • 1 tbsp. non-fat plain greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp. EVOO
  • 1/2 tsp. cumin powder
  • 1 tsp. honey
  • shake o’ salt & 2 shakes o’ peppa

Mix all of the above together, then add in your two hard boiled eggs and chop it all up

The honey allowed me to use less yogurt, because it helped everything stick together, and instead of giving it that sour yogurt taste, it added a sweetness to it, that made me feel as if I was eating this on honey wheat toast. Seriously, so good! I am so happy I found a way to kick the mayo!


I lightly toasted two pieces of organic, multi-grain bread, topped them each with a little egg salad, a few spinach leaves

Now, I have to try this same recipe (there’s no way I can abandon this one) with tuna, and chicken salad!

Are you going to try this recipe at home?


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The Healthier Egg Salad Experiment

Hello everyone! Hope your days are going well. My day is pretty good over here.


As a snack this afternoon, I had sliced apples and sliced LARABAR


My favorite LARABAR to use with this recipe is Peanut Butter Cookie


Super simple, just slice and pile em’ together! Tastes like a healthy candy apple (ish!!) I ate this right before the gym, and it gave me just the right amount of energy to get through my 50 minutes of cardio. That wasn’t planned, but it felt better to be working out today than not, so I just kept going. You know those days 😉


For lunch today, I made an egg salad sandwich inspired by Running to the Kitchen

I must admit though, I think hers turned out better. Mine was good, but it wasn’t amazing!

I truly think I used too much yogurt 😉


I first boiled some eggs.

I am not the queen of egg boiling. If anyone has pointers, please share! The shell was clinging so hard to the egg I thought I was never going to get a bite! 😉


I first put the eggs in room temp water, covered them by about 2 inches, brought them to a boil, reduced heat, covered and let them sit for 15 minutes just like I was told, then laid them out. They consistency and boil was perfect, but the shell gave me trouble! I did not put salt or vinegar, and I think either/or both of those would have helped.


Instead of mayo, I used a mix I made ahead of time. The mix was greek yogurt and bruschetta, equal parts.

This was a full on experiment.

I mixed it with 3 eggs (and I snacked on two hard boiled eggs a couple hours before, right after the gym today. Holy egg overload!!)

It was great by itself, but with the egg, it was too… hmm… greek yogurt-ish. I think I just put too much, to be honest. Anyway, I added some mustard and that seemed to do the trick. It gave it just the vinegar-ish (I’m using a lot of “ish” today arn’t I??) taste that it needed.


I put the egg salad on whole wheat toast, and that made it taste even better.


I had Country Grain Salad (from Trader Joes) on the side. Mmm so good!


This tasted good, it just wasn’t what I expected, because it was not like using mayo.


I still would love to avoid using mayo, and find a better alternative, so I am going to give this another go sometime within the next couple days. Better luck next time?

Have you guys found your “perfect” way to make a healthier egg salad sandwich? Did you have slip ups in between like me? 😉


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